Lip Smacking Pastizzi

When it comes to pastizzi no one beats the mouth watering taste of our traditional handcrafted Maltese Pastry, combining tradition with contemporary modern flavours and sourcing the freshest quality ingredients you'll love Kiss Kiss Pastizzi! Indulge your senses and discover our passionately made pastizzi produced only with dedication and commitment which is evident across our entire gourmet range.

We specialise in bulk boxes of canapé sized and large sized Pastizzi Order Now! Contact us for a tasting.

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Savoury Pastizzi

  • Lovely Lamb Rosemary & Mint
  • Luscious Chicken & Leek
  • Blazing Beef Curry
  • Lamb Babooti
  • Cheeky Curry Chicken
  • Chica Chilli Con Carne
  • Ravishing Roast Vegetable
  • Super Spinach & Ricotta
  • Funky Fetta

Sweet Pastizzi

  • Awesome Apple
  • Cherry Chocolicious
  • Snowy White Choc Cherry (Great for Christmas!)
  • Creamy Custard and Apple

Zoppis (Gourmet Sausage Rolls)

  • Magic Merguez Lamb
  • Brilliant Beef & Onion
  • Crazy Cumberland Pork
  • Bashful Bratwurst

Kiss Kiss Calzone

  • Marvellous Meat Lovers
  • Happy Hawaiian
  • Sassy Supreme
  • Vicious Veggi

Funky Fetta Pastizzi Mediterranean Antipasto Platter

Snowy White Chocolate Cherry Pastizzi