Kiss Kiss Pastizzi

Are you desperately seeking something new on your platters, to excite your customers and be the envy of your competitors?  Kiss Kiss Pastizzi is the one for you!

Kiss Kiss Pastizzi is a Maltese gourmet finger food that will electrify your senses with it’s unique shape and delicious flaky pastry filled with dynamic sweet and savoury fillings.  Pastizzi will entice your customers and they will be begging you for more.  Don’t bother with all the processed stuff, Kiss Kiss is proud to bring you the one and only handmade Pastizzi available in WA!

From our Lip Smacking menu we deliver the perfect canapé, entree, or meal on its own, using only the highest quality ingredients.  So why not let pastizzi kiss your lips and try this new taste sensation today.

About us

Our goal is to share our love and passion for Pastizzi with you.  We strive to continue delivering the ultimate Pastizzi, and create sensational new flavours to add to our lip smacking menu.  Manuela Sultana’s Pastizzi are sealed with… a kiss!  An imprint of her own lips is the logo, and the brand of the product.

Why Kiss Kiss?

‘Kiss Kiss Pastizzi’ is in honour of her late father Emanuel Sultana, who’s nickname is ‘Kiss Kiss’.  She discovered after he passed away in 1997, that being Maltese you are known by your family nickname rather than your surname, which makes her a Kiss Kiss too! It’s also tattooed on her back with a Maltese cross and angel wings as an expression of gratitude to a single dad who brought up three kids while driving long-haul semi trailers.  Her two daughters Gabby (17) and Bella (13) help with promotions and events.

Manuela runs her business based on the strong morals and values her father taught her and she is forever grateful for his existence in her life.

Kiss Kiss creed

Kiss Kiss is for love, kiss good times, kiss yourself, kiss your father, kiss your life, kiss your kids, kiss your mum, kiss your friends, kiss your brothers and sisters, kiss your world and don’t forget to kiss your pastizzi and gets some on your lips.

Latest News

Qantas Business Class passengers now enjoy Kiss Kiss Pastizzi on the Dreamliner Perth-London flight

Kiss Kiss Pastizzi is proud to announce our gourmet Spinach and Ricotta Pastizzi is now being served to Qantas Business Class passengers on the Dreamliner Perth to London service.

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I just wanted to say how much I love your product. It is times like these when I find a product like yours that inspires me to be a better Chef.

I have been cooking for 17 years now and love it when something amazing comes along which I wish I have been eating it earlier in my career. It is full credit to you and your girls for putting in your skill and passion in to your cooking and I know that your late father Emanuel would be proud to have his name Kiss Kiss on such a great product.

Thanks again and keep up the hard work.

Simon Smith
Head Chef, Hale School